Stock-Up Paperback Sale at Bold Strokes Books

Bold Strokes Books is running a Paperback Stock-Up Sale at their webstore. This includes a tonne of great titles, and all of them for $2.99. I’ve read and loved many of those titles, so if you’re a lover of the physical book, go check it out.

Also, three of the titles on sale are anthologies that include short stories of mine.

SweatThe first is Sweat. I’ve got two stories in this anthology!

“In the Doghouse” is a story about a recently dumped guy who ends up on a fake “date” with his kickboxing coach because he’s heading to an Eat Out for Life dinner and has a spare ticket, but then things take a turn for the… not-fake.

The second story, “Shutout,” is a hockey story about a guy assigned to work with the physiotherapy of an injured star goalie who doesn’t know anything about hockey (or care to know) right until there’s a bit of flirting happening… unless he’s reading things wrong. It’s possible I wrote the character to know nothing about hockey so I didn’t have to learn anything about hockey.


The second is Riding the Rails. This anthology contains my husband’s favourite of all the stories I’ve written, “Elsewhen.” It’s about a man with a gift to see things that happened all around him, but he can step in an interact with them to set things right that maybe didn’t go as well as they should have, and takes place here in Ottawa at the former Grand Trunk station, downtown.

Fun trivia fact about “Elsewhen”: the entire thing was inspired by the DeVotchKa song “How it Ends,” which I listened to on repeat the entire time I was writing the first draft. It happened over the space of a couple of hours, which almost never happens for me. It dropped almost fully-formed into my head. It was amazing. It hasn’t happened again since.

s640x480.preview.jpgLast is Wings. For Fans of the Triad, this anthology contains “Intercession,” which was the second Triad short story I wrote. This one takes Anders’s POV, and has him facing off with an angel making him an offer that he’s really, really tempted to take, and dealing with the fallout of having bonded with a vampire and a wizard and maybe, just maybe, getting something more than he bargained for out of the deal: a shot at redemption.

It’s rare that paperbacks get on sale at such a lovely, low price, so I hope you do go check out the deals on the site and maybe pick up a new favourite or two. I can heartily recommend Greg Herren’s Garden District Gothic, Vieux Carré VoodooTimothy, Sleeping Angel, and Murder in the Arts District, Melissa Brayden’s Ready or Not, How Sweet It Is, and Just Three Words, Nell Stark’s The Princess and the Prix, Elizabeth Wheeler’s Asher’s Fault, William Holden’s Words to Die By, Rob Byrnes’s Holy Rollers, and Martha Miller’s Retirement Plan.


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