October Flash Fiction Draw Roundup

Spooky October! The tenth collection of stories! The drawing of my least favourite genre card! A week of feeling really sick!

Okay, so yeah, not my best intro. Still got a cold and today is “coughing non-stop” day.

What’s a Flash Fiction Draw, you might wonder? If you’ve not read a roundup post before, the Flash Fiction Draw is a randomized card-draw that spits out a genre, an object, and a location, after which writers have a week to come up with up to 1,000 words that fit the criteria. It’s meant to be for fun and inspiration, rather than for serious competition (stretching writer muscles, rather than stressing writers out). I make the draw on the first Monday of every month (the next draw will be November 5th, if you want to join in) and post results the following Monday, updating the post as I find new stories writers have written.

These were the cards drawn (and what they meant):

Flash Fiction Draw

Very October, no? With “Horror,” “Blood Drive,” and “Frog,” what did the authors come up with? Well, if you’ve seen previous months you know the results are always varied and fascinating (and often with a dash of funny, or dark, or mystical). This time is no different.

Here they are, alphabetically by contributor:

Lilly Amadu wrote Untitled.
Jeff Baker wrote “It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s a Frog!”
‘Nathan Burgoine (that’s me) wrote “It’s in Me to Give.”
Alex deMorra wrote “Anything for You.”
“The Dark Netizen” wrote “The Blood Drive.”
E.H. Timms wrote “Kiss it Better.”
Jon Vokins wrote “Processed.”
Jamieson Wolf wrote “Blood Gives.”

Did I miss your entry? Let me know and I’ll add you to the list! And by all means join us next month, when I do the draw again on November 5th. And if you want to see what people came up with for previous stories? The roundup for January (which was “A Fairy Tale,” “A Tattoo Machine,” and “A Prison”) is here. The roundup for February (which was “A Crime Caper,” “A Compass,” and “A Soup Kitchen”) is here. The roundup for March (which was “A Romance,” “A VHS Cassette,” and “A Firewatch Tower”) is here. The roundup for April (which was “Historical Fiction,” “Rat Poison,” and “A Dirt Road”) is here. The roundup for May (which was “Science Fiction,” “A Dog Whistle,” and “Above the Clouds”) is here. The roundup for June (which was “Fantasy,” “Hot Chocolate,” and “A Junkyard or Scrapyard”) is here. The roundup for July (which was “Mystery,” “Typewriter” and “A Dam”) is here. The roundup for August (which was “Ghost Story,” “An Earring,” and “A Tobacco Shop”) is here. And the roundup for September (which was “Thriller,” “A Bag of Money” and “A Border Crossing”) is here.

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