WROTE Podcast — The Queerlings

CoverHello, happy Friday, and oh my God it’s almost December.

That last part is the total shakedown of nerves over the launch, tomorrow, of Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks. I’m fine. It’s fine. (I’m not fine. I’m a mess.)

But! I got to go spend time with the brilliant Vance Bastian over at Writers on the Edge (WROTE) and our podcast discussion is up and live. You can check that out here. We chat about how I got started in this whole writing thing, and then about the queerlings (my said-with-love term to the queer GSA/SAGA/Rainbow Club kids I back-and-forthed with while writing Exit Plans) and a wee bit about Of Echoes Born, too, my first ever short story collection that released just this summer and I know, I know, short stories? Well, I talk about how I tried to keep people who don’t love short stories in mind, too.

Screenshot 2018-03-31 11.26.03

These are the books that get mentioned the most.

So, head on over to WROTE, and give it a listen. Oh! At the end of the podcast, there’s a rapid-fire bunch of recommendations. I get that listening to a podcast often means not having a moment to write things down, so…

Here are the things I recommended, just in case you want to check them out:

Three sentences to make a review: What you can expect from the book (without spoilers); what was unique/awesome/moving/exciting about the book (again, no spoilers), and then using another better-known genre or author, who do you think would like this book?

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