Four for Forty-Four

coverA huge thank you to everyone who participated yesterday in my birthday “make noise about a book” day. In honour of my being forty-four, I figured I’d pick four of the responses here and give them an extra boost.

First off, the winner of my wee random-number-generated draw’s pick, was Heather, who described this particular book so brilliantly that I immediately added it to my want list:

Imagine that Pixar decided to go on an absinthe bender with Kafka, and together they created something like Toy Story meets Orpheus and Eurydice. That story, essentially, would be Keith Donohue’s The Motion of Puppets, and it’s every bit as beautiful, sad, and captivating as you can imagine. 

Next up is Rebecca, who said:

The Marrow Thieves by Cherie Dimaline! A FANTASTIC #ownvoices YA dystopian book, the Indigenous characters are being hunted for their marrow. This book is heartbreaking, beautiful, & hopeful. There are so many powerful themes throughout this book – I need to revisit it soon.

Followed by Larry, who followed my three-sentence review and said:

1. What can you expect from the book? Jazz Moon (Joe Okonkwo, 2016) is a Black gay romance set against the backdrop of the Harlem Renaissance.
2. What was unique about the book? See #1 above.
3. Using a better-known author or genre, which readers do you think would enjoy this book? Readers who like James Baldwin, James Earl Hardy, Larry Duplechan…
P.S.: I blurbed this book, which I don’t do very often.

And the fourth (but neither the last nor the least) from Sandy, who went all in on more-than-three-sentences, gushed:

When I decided February would be “finish series I started and then didn’t get back to for some unknown reason” month, I knew Chaos Station would have to be one of the series. I had read the first one some time ago and loved it. But there are so many good books out there, y’all. I think there was a new release or five that I just had to get to, and somehow I never got back to Felix and Zed and the gang. My loss. And now that I’m finished, I want to start over again (which I won’t, because, yeah, there’s another whole set of other good books still out there, but still.) Jenn and Kelly did such a great job with these characters, making them so fully fleshed out that you feel you KNOW them as well as your closest friends. I adored Felix and Zed from the beginning – they both nearly broke my heart in the beginning, and I wondered how J&K would make this OK (there were 3 more books, so I figured they would somehow, but damn…) And the “supporting cast” are just as good. I want a big brother like Elias (even though I wanted to hurt him briefly in Inversion Point and I never got the grovelling scene I wanted.) I want a friend like Qek. And I want to be Nessa when I grow up.

I love it when authors give both main characters a voice, but J&K give us more – we also get Elias’ and Nessa’s POV frequently. It’s great seeing Felix and Zed from “objective” angles.

I realize I’m going on and on about how much I love these characters and not so much about the plots and such. It’s a space opera . Real space, with other galaxies and civilizations and species. With the aftermath of interspecies and intergalactic war. And super soldiers. And space craft. And cool gadgets and really cool medical stuff (as a nurse, I’d love some of that stuff!) And families who love you no matter what. Just read them. And don’t spread them out.

So there you go! Four new titles for your to-be-read mountain (technically more like nine, since the last book is the end of a series). I added these suggestions to my own reading list, and I hope at least one of these caught your interest.

Here’s to another great year of reading!

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