An Update on the Availability of Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks

Exit Plans For Teenage Freaks - Version 5Hi everyone! I’ve had a lot of you reach out to me over the last few weeks about trying to get hold of Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks and how it’s not happening, and I wanted to update everyone.

First? Beyond anything else, thank you. The reason this happened turns out to be how awesome you all are (no, really), and so while this isn’t a fun position to be in (like, at all), it turns out the reason the book is showing as “not released” or “out of stock” or “unavailable”?

All the copies were snapped up.

My publisher ordered a generous print run based on how well my previous books have sold at release. Now, there was also a paper shortage and some supply issues in December, but the copies more-or-less got snapped up by one distributor (the middle-step companies who get the books from publishers to the various retailers of physical books).

Which gets us to the second part: if that distributor isn’t the distributor your local brick-and-mortar (or chain brick-and-mortar) tends to use, then unless they do an end-run around their own ordering system, they don’t have a way to get it. This is, I believe, what happened in Canada (which is, unfortunately, a small market, so not every distributor deals with all the crossing-the-border taxes/tariffs/whatever because it’s not worth it to them financially)—I don’t have 100% confirmation on this, but it would explain why Indigo, for example, still lists my book as “not yet released.” It sure was released in December right on schedule, but until the first shipment arrives in their hand, their system won’t update it to “released” and… well, if they didn’t order the book from the distributor who gobbled up the print run, it just didn’t happen.

Which is also why some of you had pre-orders just get canceled from Canadian e-tailers and retailers (including Amazon-dot-ca and Indigo). And in the states, this happened to some people’s pre-orders from Barnes & Noble, too.

It kills me that pre-orders didn’t happen. I’m so sorry. It kills me more that the books still haven’t shipped, two months later. My publisher has been scrambling to get copies to alternate distributors, and hopefully that means orders will ship, but I know that’s not helpful for orders that were already canceled.

If you’re at all a reader of e-books, those aren’t affected given they’re not physical copies that can run out, so there’s that option (especially through the publisher website itself, over at Bold Strokes Books).

All I can offer is my apologies and my thanks—my apologies because it does indeed suck to order a book and have it just not arrive, and my thanks because I’m lucky enough to be in a position where I’ve got readers like you who want more copies of the book than was thought would be wanted. You rock, really.

So, hopefully, things will flip soon to orderable/available again. I’ll keep checking, and I’ll update again when it happens.


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