An Update on the Availability of Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks — They’re Arriving!

coverThis is a much happier post to write about Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks. A while back, I mentioned that there was a problem getting the books out to e-tailers and retailers, especially in Canada. Well, good news.

They’ve arrived! This is a shot of them arriving in a local brick-and-mortar up here in Canada, and I’ve heard from a few readers that their orders have shipped or arrived, including places where the previous orders had previously been canceled for lack of stock.

It was always available at Bakka Phoenix Books (Toronto) and Murder By the Book (Houston), too, if you’re local to either location, they’re still in stock. is now showing the book as orderable, too.

So, huzzahs all around. Thank you for your patience, you’re all amazing to have been so great about this, and—most importantly—Cole is now poofing into bookstores as we speak.


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