#ShortStoryMonth Day Five — “Moments,” by Brandon Crilly


He’ll Save Every One Of Us

Flash Fiction is something I came to late in the writing game, though I did used to write what I called “snippits.” Snippits were funny scenes or character moments from our various RPG game sessions I’d play with friends when I was in a teen. Be it Dungeons & Dragons, Heroes Unlimited, or Beyond the Supernatural, I filled a one-inch binder over a few years as I moved from place to place and swapped from one game to another, and it was a treasured object of mine for quite a few years. But they were often as long as two thousand words, which definitely puts them beyond the range of flash fiction.

Super-concise, but also super-impactful, Flash Fiction is a really fine line to walk. And Brandon Crilly does exactly that with his wonderful “Moments.” Here we get a story about a time traveler, someone they love, and a relationship quite literally for the ages. And, since “Moments” was released on Daily Science Fiction, you can read it at the link above, which is all the win for you. (Even better, for those of you who are able to vote for the Prix Aurora Awards, “Moments” is a eligible to be a finalist for short stories this year. Get on that.)

Got any Flash Fiction you love? Sound off in the comments.

Another bit of Flash Fiction I can toss your way is self-indulgent, but last year I did a draw every month to create a random combination of genre, object, and setting and wrote a 1,000 word flash fiction piece from the prompt. I popped up the results on WattPad, Tinder and Other Tales. And quite a few other authors took part in the challenge, too! You can find the December Round-Up (which links to all the Round-ups that came before) here.

One thought on “#ShortStoryMonth Day Five — “Moments,” by Brandon Crilly

  1. I keep forgetting about Wattpad! (I’m waiting for “Tinder” to be put on Kindle!) I’ve written a lot (really, a lot) of Flash Fiction in the last three years and the practice has given me a lot of discipline, something I sorely lack! And I have fond memories of the Flash Fiction Draw Challenge!


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