#ShortStoryMonth Day Twelve — Subscriptions, Fave Publishers and Series, and Short Fic Podcasts


The Ongoing Hunt

Finding new short fiction isn’t always easy, and it’s something I find myself doing in little gluts when I can. Obviously, the easiest is to hit large bookstores with decent anthology selections (which isn’t often the case, but), and I listen to a lot of reviews and recommendations when I can (I’ve mentioned Charles Payseur’s reviews before, and I’ll drop his name again—check him out).

Second? Themed series. I recently delved backwards into the “Destroy” issues of science fiction in my collection (I have a terrible habit of picking up anthologies and reading a couple of stories in each before another anthology grabs my attention, and I’ve yet to touch the fantasy ones). They’re from Lightspeed Magazine, and they’re was awesome—People of Colo(u)r Destroy Science Fiction, Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction, Queers Destroy Science Fiction, and Women Destroy Science Fiction will be popping up a lot over the next year or so of my short story review projects/next year’s daily short fiction project, and they were a blast to find and discover.

Subscriptions, too. I recently picked up a subscription to Uncanny Magazine, and I randomly dip in and out of short fiction podcasts like Glittership, in an effort to make sure I find places that centre queer voices (with audio, the performer can make-or-break, so I don’t sweat it if I don’t click with a short fiction performer, and skip by to the next tale).

Big-5 wise, I’m also a fan of checking out Tor, though with the caveat that it feels sort of rare when I find a queer story there that’s tonally triumphant or happy, so I don’t go there on a bad-mood day, if that makes sense, on the off chance there’s a queer tale and it’s once again a bit depressing. Indie or smaller-press, I keep an eye on ChiZine, who do a lot of neat anthology projects, though they tend to skew darker/more horror than my usual tastes.

And of course, there’s also awards. I try to pick up anthologies that win the Lammies (you should totally check out the Transcendent anthologies), for example (again, in my quest to read queer stuff as much as I can).

But mostly? Mostly I get my suggestions from other readers, so hit me with your best sources for where you find your short fiction. Do you have a subscription or a podcast or a reviewer you follow?


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