#ShortStoryMonth Day Twenty-Two — Side Character Short Fiction Requests



This is a bit different today, in that I don’t have short fiction to recommend, but rather short fiction I’d love to read that (as far as I know) doesn’t exist. Side characters or secondary characters or just supportive folk that appear in a story that I wish I could read more about always strike me as perfect for short fiction requests. I mean, the author already knows at least a little about those characters, right? A short story that revisits? Yes please!

And there’s no way I could break it down to just one, so… a list.

  • Joseph Carriker’s Sacred Band — A superhero novel I adored, I’d love, love, love for some short fiction set back in the original era when the superheroes were first popping up into existence. There’s a tonne of history referenced in this book, and it’d be neat to see some of it as short stories.
  • Fiona Riley’s Room Service — This novel, which follows two women working on a major project (one of them creating a design for the other’s new company office spaces) has a whole team working their butts off throughout the novel alongside the two romantic leading ladies; the rest of the team includes some hysterical folk, and any of them would be great for a short story.
  • Yolanda Wallace’s True Colors — This novel, about the daughter of a right-wing president and a reporter who has more than a few secrets and the sparks between them also includes the reporter’s BF (and boss), a guy who runs an antique shop, and he has a spark with one of the first daughter’s bodyguards/special agents. I loved those guys, and would love a story out of them.
  • Rebekah Weatherspoon’s Vampire Sorority Sisters series — Okay, I need to be clear how much I freaking love this series and it’s not missing anything. Vampire/demons and sororities set up to help them and sexy romances and oh my god. So good. Got it? Okay. But I so would love to read about the fraternity side! You get to glimpse the boys here and there and their vampires and… please?

What about you? Got side-characters you loved you’d love to see again in a short story?

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