#ShortStoryMonth Day Twenty-Eight — The “Destroy” issues…


Destroy, Destroy!

I have a habit of backing kickstarters and fundraisers for anthologies and then being excited when the anthologies show up and then reading the first story and then… Okay, so I have dozens of anthologies from which I’ve only read the first story or two, okay? I specifically set myself a task of reading through them this year, for a project next year where I’m going to talk about a short story a day every day for the year, and as a result, I’ve been reading through all the various “Destroy” issues of Science Fiction.

If you don’t know what I mean, they’re anthologies that were put together to—let’s politely say “counter”—a certain subset of people who were decrying how adding voices to science fiction was destroying it. Never mind that those voices were always there. Never mind that those voices are brilliant. End result? Some amazing anthologies.

So, Women Destroy Science Fiction, People of Colo(u)r Destroy Science Fiction, Queers Destroy Science Fiction and Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction? Nab ’em. I’ve really enjoyed each and every one of the stories I’ve read of them thus far, and if I could send myself a message back in time to have read them when I received them, I would.


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