#ShortStoryMonth Day Thirty — Give me your Queer Superheroes, Please.


Queer Power

When I was thinking of prompt ideas for the month, I wanted to include a day where I could ask for recommendations flat-out. Mostly, this was done completely selfishly because I really, really want to ask y’all for short stories with queer superheroes.

Yeah, I know that’s really specific.

I can think of a few by Charles Payseur (his Spandex and Superpowers series, which is often supervillains but I’ll totally settle for supervillains, too), and I got to take part in an anthology once, The Lavender Menace, where I debuted some of my own superheroes and supervillains in short story format.

So. Consider this me, standing in front of you, hand out, asking you for your queer superheroes.


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