#ShortStoryMonth Day Thirty-One — The Bending the Landscape Anthologies


Saving the Best for Last

Despite headaches and grey skies (and the way the latter causes the former), I made it through the whole month of chatting about short fiction relatively unscathed. Today, I’m gonna round it up with a trio of anthology recommendations on a theme that I really loved.

Bending the Landscape.

There are three of these: Bending the Landscape: Horror, Bending the Landscape: Fantasy, and Bending the Landscape: Science Fiction, and they’re treasures and hold a special place in my heart as some of the first anthologies of specifically queer stories I’d read that actually didn’t snub their nose at genre (and instead whole-heartedly embraced it!) Edited by Nicola Griffith, these anthologies offered original gay and lesbian fictions and I ate them up.

Added bonus? These were three of the first books my husband loaned to me when we met mumble-mumble years ago. They’re still up in our library in a place of honour.

Thanks for coming along with me this month, and if you’ve got any short fiction you think I need to read, just tell me. I’m always ready for more!

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