Cole Just Poofed onto The Aurora Ballot!

AuroraWinner+NomineeLogos_2"Yesterday, while I was at Limestone Genre Expo, some other genre news happened: the Prix Aurora Awards ballot was released, and it turns out Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks was nominated in the Best Young Adult Novel category. First, huge congratulations to everyone on the ballot, in all the categories. I’m particularly stoked to see so many familiar names there of people I’ve read and loved.

If you don’t know how the Prix Aurora Award works, they’re nominated by members of the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association, for spec-fic works created by Canadians. The top five nominated works end up on the ballot, barring ties (which is how the YA category got eight titles, methinks). Super cool thing is this year’s ceremony is happening at Can*Con, here in Ottawa, and I get to be there.

This is really freaking cool. I know the whole “It’s an honour to be nominated” line is a cliché, but this is a queer YA book, and this isn’t a queer-specific award—and that feels pretty amazing these days. Huge thank-yous to all the Canuck folk who nominated Exit Plans onto the ballot, and to Bold Strokes Books for giving my little teleporting queerling a home.

Teleport on over here to see the full ballot list for the Prix Aurora Awards.

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