Sunday Shorts—Omoshango by Dayo Ntwari

coverThis latest from People of Colo(u)r Destroy Science Fiction was so freaking brilliant. Here’s the thing: I want this to be a movie. Or a miniseries. Narratively, there’s a simplicity to the set-up; some people are born with wings. Simple, right?

Well, no. Because those people are all black, and on the world-stage, the reaction to this becomes massively racist and hateful under the guise of “protecting everyone.” It’s a really, really cruel (and all too believable) tale built on those racist bones and it’s so freaking well done. Could I imagine a world where the non-marginalized just can’t handle something incredibly special happening to people when that special thing never happens to them?

Easily. That Ntwari spun that into this engrossing tale with such fantastic characters and a payoff that had me grinning as much as it had me breathing in relief? Magic.

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