Sunday Shorts—Andromache’s War by Elliott Dunstan

coverIf, like me, you’re a bit rusty on your Greek History and Mythology and you’re wondering if Dunstan’s take on Andromache from Scourge of the Seas of Time (and Space) will sail over your head, do not worry. Dunstan manages just the right balance of classical touch-points to keep you up to speed, and regardless, Andromache is so completely engaging and engrossing a character.

Also, as far as retellings go, “Andromache’s War” hits all my favourite buttons. This is Andromache wounded, but not defeated; angry, and ready to find vengeance; and with both direction and fury, her journey full-circle left me both satisfied and perfectly willing to accept this as head-cannon, which is about the highest praise I can offer to an author taking a character from a time or myth or narrative and giving them something so much more satisfying than the original offered them.

The way Dunstan slid this into a pirate theme was spot-on, the sly mentions of the other more known figures in the stories of Troy, and the structure that offered multiple glimpses of Andromache before, all comes together to weave a fantastic story. I loved it.

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