Sunday Shorts—Increasing Police Visibility, by Bogi Takács

coverOh, Queers Destroy Science Fiction. So many of the stories are frustratingly dark or depressing, and while I can’t say “Increasing Police Visibility” is uplifting, it was one of the most clever science fiction stories I’ve ever read, and I mean that as the highest compliment. It uses actual math, explained through a character who is an expert in the field, in a dystopia-ish society where the government is trying to stop E.T.s from arriving/sneaking in/crossing the border into a country that absolutely doesn’t want them around. Because..? Well, they’re not human, right? So, y’know, keep ’em out.

At the same time, a parallel story is being told about someone who works security at the border, and is running one of the systems the other character is explaining as nowhere near effective, despite the message being sent to the public.

These two points of view are a perfect way to deliver the final punch, and the last few lines? A-maz-ing. I grinned, and there’s just something about having your confirmation bias supported by actual freaking math to make you feel all the better, no?

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