#CanCon2019 — Where I’ll Be!

Hey all! It’s #CanCon2019 starting, like, right now, and so, a quick post on where I’ll be and when. The con is sold out (which is freaking incredible) but if you’re in the area the Dealer Room is open to the public. 

(Oh, and sidenote: whilst not in these places, when the dealer’s room is open, I’ll most likely be at the @boldstrokebooks table, alongside @stephenwrites and @XtianBaines).

Can Con

Friday October 18th, 6:00pm (otherwise known as later today) is the opening ceremonies, and then at 6:30pm, is the Aurora Pin Ceremony. I have no idea how the pin thing works, but I assume I’ll be swooning like a 50’s teen getting a pin from a hunky guy in a letterman jacket and wearing it all the time.

At 7:00pm tonight, I’m with @ORWA_RWA (The Ottawa Romance Writers chapter of @romancewriters) in Salon-C. That’s right, we’re getting romance chocolate in your spec-fic peanut butter. (Romance is like that. It dances with all the other genres; often backwards and in heels.)

On Saturday, at 10am, I’m joining @quartzfernandez, @metuiteme, @Rati_Mehrotra, and @dongwon in Salon F where we’re hijacking YA. Or talking about adults hijacking YA.

(Imagine me here shaking fist at the adult gatekeepers.)

Then on Saturday, at noon in Salon F, we get Expanse-ively political about, well, the Expanse. Oh, and check out the company I’m keeping (because holy crap impostor syndrome): @AerospaceWriter, @aphoebebarton, @nisamalliwrites, and @AdamShaftoe.

Space. Politics. Vomit-zombies. Good times.

At 6:00pm, I’ll be wandering on down to Christchurch Cathedral (look for the guy spontaneously combusting at the threshold) for the Auroras with an outfit I totally have planned already and am not stressing about at all.


On Sunday, I wear my moderator hat. At 10:00a in Salon D, @Millie_Ho, @angrykem, @Rati_Mehrotra and @cyclingtoasylum will talk about the stories we love—now with diversity! Retellings, which y’all know I adore.

(I don’t have an actual moderator hat. I should look into that.)

And also on Sunday, in Salon F, at 2:00pm, I’m moderating a panel on Hierarchy and Oppression in SFF. I cannot freaking wait to hear the panel (made up of @charliejane@teresempierre and @elliottdunstandiscuss this, and did I mention impostor syndrome?

So that’s me for @CanConSF this year, and as I said, otherwise, you’ll likely find me in the Dealer’s Room being all queer and writerly and stuff (read: drinking tea and munching something made mostly of sugar).

Hope to see y’all there!

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