Anatomy of a Cover

The brilliant Inkspiral Design posted this awesome “anatomy of a cover” image today, and I love seeing all the bits and pieces that he used to make the cover for Faux Ho Ho. Funnily enough, the tattooed image that he chose for Dino kind of makes me wish I’d inked up Dino in the story. It would have galled Silas’s parents all the more, and there is a scene in the novella where Silas admits he’d cheerfully lick someone’s tattoos, so it’s already on his list of enjoyable features…

Anatomy of a Cover

When he sent me the rough draft of the cover, I had no idea he’d already done this much work. Seriously. Looking at all those pieces, I’m all the more stunned at how quickly he can take these bits and pieces and even see a coherent whole he can make in the first place.

This is why I’ll never be a cover designer. Luckily, I know a great one, so it all works out.

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