Faux Ho Ho available now from Bold Strokes Books!

It turns out the elves at Bold Strokes Books worked some magic. If you pre-ordered Faux Ho Ho from the Bold Strokes Books webstore, you’ll find your copy ready to go today, rather than the original December 10th release date. (If you’re waiting for another store, like Kobo or Smashwords or the big-A, don’t worry, that’ll still happen on the 10th!)

If you’ve got no idea what I’m talking about? Faux Ho Ho is my brand new wee fake-relationship queer holiday romance novella. The official blurb is below, alongside the brilliant cover from Inkspiral Design, but the short version is this: Coder gamer nerdy geek + gregarious personal trainer roommate + a fake “we’re dating” + a Christmas wedding invitation = Faux Ho Ho. There’s also some Dungeons & Dragons in there (complete with outfits!), some Venn diagrams, and even some monkey screeching. I hope you enjoy!

Faux Ho Ho

Faux Ho Ho - Hi Res

Silas Waite doesn’t want his big-C Conservative Alberta family to know he’s barely making rent. They’d see it as yet another sign that he’s not living up to the Waite family potential and muscle in on his life. When Silas unexpectedly needs a new roommate, he ends up with the gregarious—and gorgeous—personal trainer Constantino “Dino” Papadimitriou.

Silas’s parents try to browbeat him into visiting for Thanksgiving, where they’ll put him on display as an example of how they’re so tolerant for Silas’s brother’s political campaign, but Dino pretends to be his boyfriend to get him out of it, citing a prior commitment. The ruse works—until they receive an invitation to Silas’s sister’s last-minute wedding.

Silas loves his sister, Dino wouldn’t mind a chalet Christmas, and together, they could turn a family obligation into something fun. But after nine months of being roommates, then friends, and now “boyfriends,” Silas finds being with Dino way too easy, and being the son that his parents barely tolerate too hard. Something has to give, but luckily, it’s the season for giving. And maybe what Silas has to give is worth the biggest risk of all.

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