Sunday Shorts—Summerfield’s Angel by Kim Fielding

coverI listened to this holiday novella a while back, and honestly, it was mostly a feel-good from step one. The performer did a fairly solid job—I will admit initially the Xeno voice did make me think he was sort of snide, but it was the accent, not the dialog, so it passed quickly—and I didn’t find Alby’s drawl over-affected.

Summerfield’s Angel is an m/m historical romance novella, so you very much get what’s labeled on the tin and that’s not at all a flaw—there will be a happy ending (romance), there will be a way for the men to be together (m/m romance) and the traces of history are flavourful and helped ground some of the reluctance of the men to try and be together (historical). All of his happens over the three hours and it’s charming.

This also technically a series, but the series nature of the story is more about how there’s an object—a carved Christmas angel—that appears in the stories to help guide the characters together. In this case, it was quite overt. I’ve only read one of the others, and it wasn’t quite as front-and-centre in the other story. Both ways work, and this one had that trace more of “magic” to it on the whole.

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