Romance Writers of America

Dear board members and president;

I cannot put in strong enough terms the level of disappointment (and outright frustration and anger) I feel at the decision to censure Courtney Milan for her ongoing efforts and discourse to attempt to change the direction of the RWA and romance writing in general toward a more inclusive, representative place. By siding with Susan Tisdale’s ridiculous anti-racism tactics—all the more so given her letter was full of racist statements in and of itself—the RWA has lost the pieces of credibility it had barely begun to gather.

I’m sickened and disgusted by this choice. Understand: the decision itself is completely opposed to everything I believe (and everything the RWA has professed to stand for, which was the only reason I allowed myself to join in the first place, despite so much obvious homophobia and outright racism present throughout my interactions with the RWA).

To drop this on Milan quite literally the days before Christmas? The sheer cruelty and lack of professionalism on top of such a terrible, ignorant decision goes beyond the pale.

Please consider this my request to remove ‘Faux Ho Ho’ from consideration from the RITAs and my resignation from the RWA in any capacity, including taking part in the RWA-U Committee.

Though at this point I can’t help but feel it’s too late for the organization, and frankly feel it deserves to fade into obscurity, it would be worth taking a moment to learn about the “paradox of tolerance” and refresh yourselves to some basic truths: it is not intolerant to fight intolerance; it is not bigoted to reveal bigotry.

‘Nathan Burgoine

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