Short Stories 366:7 — “How to Move Spheres and Influence People,” by Marko Kloos


Ah, memories.

I have a confession. I read and re-read the first, I don’t know, six or seven Wild Cards books over and over again. See, I love superheroes—that’s probably obvious given my whole debut novel thing—and the X-Men were staples of my childhood especially because of the whole “born different to people who aren’t the same” thing, which really spoke to wee queer me. So me and superheroes? Huge love. And the Wild Cards were a part of that. Until I realized—and my memory is foggy here, but I can’t actually recall any, so I hope I’m not misspeaking—that there were no queer characters. Story of my reading life, right? But I loved those books and they keep a warm place in my heart.

And they’re still going strong, apparently. I can’t quite bring myself to pick them up and continue (or even figure out where I left off) but had this story, “How to Move Spheres and Influence People,” up on the site and, well, I loved it. Disabled teen girl learns she’s got a very specific form of very powerful telekinesis? It’s even sphere-specific, which made me grin (again, because of my whole debut novel thing). I love the main character in this short, T.K., so much (and can we take a moment to just high-five over her initials being T.K.?)

The story is so freaking clever. It’s got the perfect amount of superhero origin mixed in with characterization, a turning point moment, and the finding of just the right name. It’s adorbs. And I always did love the whole notion of the Wild Cards breakdown: Aces, Jokers, and Deuces. It was really cool to step back into the Wild Cards world, even just for a day, and I’m really thankful to Marko Kloos for the visit.

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