Short Stories 366:318 — “She’s So Lovely,” by Suleikha Snyder

Okay, this story closes Prem Numbers and I don’t even know how to explain how freaking hot and wonderful “She’s So Lovely” was at closing out the collection with… okay, I was about to say “a bang” and then I wanted to think better of it but holy flying crap this story. Ahem. Okay, anyway. Uh, have you ever seen the movie Roadhouse? Oddly enough, my husband and I watched it recently just because, and honestly we both had a moment where we eyed each other and said ‘Sam Elliot?’ and nodded meaningfully and then went back to watching. So, basically, imagine the heroine of Roadhouse was an Indian woman who’d grown up in a small town, was similarly divorced, and there was a bar with two hot men working at it much like said Sam Elliot and a certain mullet-sporting 80’s heartthrob and you’ve kind of got the set-up here.

Y’know, if the two hunky gents were also known for taking women to bed together, and also they’re as much with each other as those women and did I mention this story scorches? Well, both men have a definite thing for the woman—Lovely Singh—and she’s definitely got crushes on the men, too, but they never seem to make a move on her, and she’s losing patience that her life will ever change, and then she finally reaches her limit, says something she can’t take back, and then…

Well. Scorching.

Moving through all three of the POV characters in a kind of dance that just cranks the tension up moment by moment, and a point of crisis that had me scowling in frustration and wishing I could reach into the story to slap the offender a bit, and then—ultimately—the HEA that left me with a giant smile on my face and threw Prem Numbers right into my “you must read this!” pile.

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