Short Stories 366:320 — “Untangling Tristan,” by Geoffrey Knight

So, hey, if you’re in the mood for a sizzling, short, Christmas-themed erotica story, today’s story is totally going to fit the bill. In “Untangling Tristan” we meet said Tristan while he’s dashing through the snow (well, slush and ice) trying to get home while calling an electrician while also trying to make sure he’s got time for a meeting with a client in ninety minutes and… well. Life is a rush for Tristan, and he never really slows down.

He needs the electrician because his apartment building decided to put on a holiday display, and he’s on the top floor and his fire-escape is the gold-star on top of what’s a building-sized tree of lights. Except he couldn’t get the damn gold-star lights to work, or untangle them, and the rest of the building is ready to light up and he’s… not ready. At all. Luckily, at the last minute, he finds someone willing to send someone to his apartment, and he dash-aways himself to his door (passing by worried, caring, and/or cantankerous neighbours) to find the fellow in question has already arrived.

And woah, has this man arrived, as it were. He’s gorgeous and fit and it’s possible that Tristan needs to be at that meeting soon but now he’s a not entirely sure he’s in such a rush to get there because hello, electrician. What follows is a couple of cute zig-zags as the magic of the season plays out with mutual, er, happy endings, and then Knight pops in a little teasing dose of some actual magic of the season, which was a cute close-out to the tale. “Untangling Tristan” is cute, short, delivers exactly what’s on the tin, (and would be a happy addition in any erotic holiday collection, to my mind) but it’s available solo if you’d rather have a sip than a whole mug.

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