Short Stories 366:337 — “Tinsel,” by Kris Bryant

coverWhat do you get when you add a fluffy silver kitten, a recently dumped lesbian who’s (rightfully) grumpy about her ex dating someone she has to see at work every day, and a pretty veterinarian who has a tendency to turn meet-cutes into meet-spills?

“Tinsel.” You get “Tinsel.” Tinsel’s is Kris Bryant’s lovely little holiday novella that came out last year. When I read it over the course of a couple of evenings, I had zero trouble sliding right into commiseration with Jessica. She has every darn right to be miserable and cranky, and I do love me a good Grinch character. I also like that she was 100% aware she was being a complete jerk to everyone around her, but feeling so beyond frustrating with, well, everything that it took her a while to put on the breaks and stop herself.

Taylor is a gentle, patient sort of romantic interest, though, and when you’ve got a wee cat helping out in the matchmaking department, things are definitely going to turn out okay. This was a quick, fun, light read with a grumpy-ass heroine I really enjoyed. Definitely going on my re-read list for when I want a little bit of feline joy.

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