Cover Reveal: Three Left Turns to Nowhere

Brilliant cover art is, as always, from Inkspiral Design.

Apparently, sometime last night or yesterday a switch got flipped and so today I have more news of the unexpected variety: A new book! Pre-order links are starting to populate, even. I found out about those links, by the way, because I woke up to awesome excited messages from reader friends and that, I have to say, is a great way to wake up. Y’all rock.

So, what is this book? Well, you’ll see three names on the cover there, and that’s because this is a trio of YA novellas that all take place in the same fictional Northern Ontario town, Hopewell, and here’s the blurb:

Three strangers heading to a convention in Toronto are stranded in rural Ontario, where a small town with a subtle kind of magic leads each to discover what he’s been searching for.

Ed Sinclair and his friends get stuck in Hopewell after their car breaks down. It’s snark at first sight when he meets local mechanic Lyn, but while they’re getting under each other’s skin, the town might show them a way into one another’s hearts.

Rome Epstein is out and proud and clueless about love. He’s hosting a giant scavenger hunt at the convention, but ends up in Hopewell. When the town starts leaving him clues for its own scavenger hunt, he discovers a boy who could be the prize he’s been searching for.

Fielding Roy has a gift for seeing the past. His trip to reunite with friends hits an unexpected stop in Hopewell, but a long-lost love letter and two local boys give him a chance to do more than watch the past. This time, Fielding might be able to fix the present.

THREE LEFT TURNS TO NOWHERE—Jeffrey Ricker, J. Marshall Freeman, and ‘Nathan Burgoine

As is likely clear, I’ve written the Fielding story, “Hope Echoes,” and the gift in question is a quirk that lets him sometimes see events from the past replay themselves, which leads him to finding a long-lost love letter between two women, and he gets it in his head that while he’s stuck in Hopewell, maybe he could deliver it. It’s not a romance—it’s more like a mystery, if anything, as he tries to figure out who wrote the letter, who it was for, and how to get it where it should have been all along.

I’m stoked to be back in the world of YA, and even more stoked to be doing a shared-world story. I’ve always wanted to take part in a shared world anything, and though our stories are definitely being written as capable of being read on their own, there’s some crossover, and—of course—there’s the slightly magical town of Hopewell itself.

More news as I get it (or, y’know, people tell me about).

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