One Week Until ‘A Little Village Blend!’

It’s coming up soon! There’s only a week remaining until ‘A Little Village Blend,’ my wee gay romance novella, is available via Bold Strokes Books’ webstore! (It launches everywhere else July 13th). Tea. Magic. A tall, dark, and grumpy soldier. A sister who is never wrong. Really, Ivan has a lot on his plate.

According to Ivan’s sister Anya, Ivan’s tea leaves promise his perfect match is out there somewhere, just waiting to be swept off their feet. Ivan knows Anya’s always right—an annoying trait for a sister if ever there was one.

Ivan’s own knack with tea might not deal with the future, but it’s pretty good at helping with the here and now. When Walt, a tall, dark, and grumpy soldier shows up at his store, NiceTeas, in obvious need of a hand—and a dog-sitter—Ivan rises to the challenge and offers blends to make Walt’s life a little easier. There’s just no way he can help falling for the guy. But Anya says Walt’s not the one for Ivan, and the tea leaves don’t lie.

Is it worth steeping a here-and-now while waiting for the one-and-only? Ivan’s not sure, but everything tells him it’s all just a matter of finding the right blend.

Cover Artist: Inkspiral Design

‘A Little Village Blend’ — ‘Nathan Burgoine

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