WROTE Podcast — Ooh, Nerd hot!

WROTE Podcast (Written On the Edge) Season 7, Episode 16; Jeffrey Ricker, J. Marshall Freeman & 'Nathan Burgoine. "Oooh, Nerd Hot!"

Hey all! Despite a week of migraines here—seriously, Mother Nature has every right to be angry and this is humanity’s fault, but I am so done with having a barometer for a brain—I’ve got something awesome today. I and my fellow contributors to Three Left Turns to Nowhere got to chat with the lovely folk at WROTE Podcast again. If you don’t know WROTE Podcast yet, then allow me to be the first to tell you about Vance Bastian and SA “Baz” Collins, who do weekly chats with queer content creators from across the creative spectrum. They rock. It rocks. There’s a lot of, well, rock, is what I’m saying. Only rock here is a metaphor for coolness. Or nerd hot, to get back on target for our characters in the book. I’ve been on WROTE Podcast a few times now (click here to check that out) and it’s always a blast. My fellow co-contributors and I chat about grilled cheese, collaboration, and even survive the rapid-fire questions that Baz aims our way as the closeout.

You can check WROTE Podcast out at Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Patreon, and YouTube.

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