“Felix Navidad” Cover Reveal and Publisher Pre-order

One of the things about being an author that never, ever gets old for me is seeing the cover art. For my Little Village books especially, I vibrate in anticipation because Inkspiral does such a freaking amazing job on them. I love them. To the point where if I’m struggling, I’ll often ask him for a cover glimpse early so I can feed the energy I need into the final steps of the project. I sent off the draft to Bold Strokes Books yesterday, and then—ta-da!

The cover of Felix Navidad; an illustrated drawing of two men standing in the snow and ice in front of a small cabin. One has a winter jacket and scarf, the other has a much lighter jacket and scarf, and is holding himself like he's cold.
Look at it! Just look at it! It’s so pretty!

Even better? The Pre-order link is now available up at the Bold Strokes Books webstore. If you pre-order through BSB (who provide all formats for all e-readers), it’ll drop December 1st for you, even. You can get it early!

So, what’s Felix Navidad about? Well, the short trope version is: forced proximity, there’s-only-one-bed (but it’s not what you think), and a dash of city-mouse, country-mouse, all wrapped up in an ice storm and some holiday cheer. But, I’ve also added my usual healthy dose of chosen family, queer community, and maybe another practical joke. Here’s the blurb:

Felix doesn’t do impulsive anymore. But attending a friend’s wedding reminds Felix he’s the only one of his friends attending solo, and recent losses have him thinking he’s swung too far in the not-impulsive direction.

So, impulse decision number one? Cutting in on a dance with handsome farmer Kevin, the ex of one of the grooms, for a spin at the reception. Impulse decision number two? Planning his first holiday vacation off work. Christmas in Hawai’i will be a gift to himself.

When dancing doesn’t work out, Felix keeps high hopes for his vacation right up until the first flight cancellation. After bumping into a stranded Kevin, who lost his flight home, Felix gives impulse a third try: Why not drive to Toronto together? But after ice rain strands them halfway, it looks like Felix isn’t going to get to give himself his gift after all. Instead, this Christmas is a small cabin—and Kevin.

“Felix Navidad,” by ‘Nathan Burgoine

If you’re wondering about order, this is the fourth in the Little Village novella series, set around holidays. Handmade Holidays was first, then Faux Ho Ho, then Village Fool. And while each mentions events in the others, I do my best to make them readable out of order if you want to go in at random, other than, obviously, knowing who ended up with who from previous books.

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