Happy Ever Afters for Trans Kids Charity Bundle for Trans Lifeline

Hey all! I’m taking part in the Winter Wonderland bundle from Happy Ever Afters for Trans Kids, and the proceeds from said bundle all go to Trans Lifeline. I cannot believe the company I’m keeping in this one—seriously, check out that author list—and I’m beyond chuffed “Handmade Holidays” found a home among this bundle. I specifically picked “Handmade Holidays” since it includes Pheobe’s first appearance, and shows off just a little of how amazing she is.

13 Delicious Stories, One Amazing Cause.

Donate Now: HEA for Trans Kids, 100% of proceeds go to Trans Lifeline.

Authors include: Beverly Jenkins, Cat Sebastian, J.R. Hart, Meredith Spies, 'Nathan Burgoine, Holley Trent, Amy Jo Cousins, Hannah Murray, Eve Pendle, Rebecca Hunter, Danica Flynn, Jennifer Seasons, CJane Elliott.

This link will take you right to the bundle donation page.

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