Felix Navidad—Releases Tomorrow at Bold Strokes Books!

There’s a line in “Felix Navidad” where Felix grumbles about “stupid time doing its stupid job of moving forward at a fixed rate” and while there are days were I feel that down to my bones, when the clock ticks over tomorrow, I won’t be grumbling, I’ll be celebrating. “Felix Navidad” will be out there! (That is, for those of you who pre-ordered through the Bold Strokes Books webstore, it will be, as Bold Strokes releases all their titles on the first of the month through their webstore—the wide release will happen on December 13th everywhere else.)

On the off chance you don’t know “Felix Navidad” yet, this holiday queer romance novella is a forced proximity, ex-of-a-friend, queer culture, queer chosen family, Canadian winter tale of Felix—who really, really just wanted to go somewhere warm for Christmas—finding himself trapped in an ice storm in a small cabin with the ex of one of his closest friends, who he tried and failed to flirt with at said ex’s wedding the day before. Here’s the blurb:

The cover of Felix Navidad by 'Nathan Burgoine (art by Inkspiral Design).

Felix doesn’t do impulsive anymore. But attending a friend’s wedding reminds Felix he’s the only one of his friends attending solo, and recent losses have him thinking he’s swung too far in the not-impulsive direction. 

So, impulse decision number one? Cutting in on a dance with handsome farmer Kevin, the ex of one of the grooms, for a spin at the reception. Impulse decision number two? Planning his first holiday vacation off work. Christmas in Hawai’i will be a gift to himself.

When dancing doesn’t work out, Felix keeps high hopes for his vacation right up until the first flight cancellation. After bumping into a stranded Kevin, who lost his flight home, Felix gives impulse a third try: Why not drive to Toronto together? But after ice rain strands them halfway, it looks like Felix isn’t going to get to give himself his gift after all. Instead, this Christmas is a small cabin—and Kevin.

“Felix Navidad” by ‘Nathan Burgoine, Cover Art by Inkspiral Design.

If you’ve read “Village Fool,” my April Fools’ Day themed queer romance novella, then you definitely know who Felix is. He’s the guy who played the prank on Owen that went so specifically and spectacularly awry. And like the other holiday-themed Village stories “Handmade Holidays” and “Faux Ho Ho,” I’ve done my best to ensure you can read “Felix Navidad” as a stand-alone even if you haven’t read the others. There will be spoilers about who-ended-up-with-who, but in Romance, I don’t think that’s exactly a spoiler, no?

“Felix Navidad” contains a lot of my love for the Queer Community—and especially our queer elders who came before us and the difficulties we face as queer people when it comes to the continuance of queer history and heritage—and fans of Of Echoes Born are in for a few Easter Eggs. The sharp-eyed will also catch a reference to Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks, even.

13 Delicious Stories, One Amazing Cause. Donate Now. 100% of proceeds will go to Trans Lifeline. HEA for Trans Kids.

Also! “Handmade Holidays” is currently available in the “Winter Wonderland Bundle!” fundraiser from HEA for Trans Kids, which you can find here or by clicking that photo there.

I’m beyond proud—and humbled at the company I’m keeping—to be able to take part in this bundle, which is filled with the magic of winter, whether it’s spending the holidays with friends or cuddling up with a lover beside a cozy fire. Fight back against the cold and darkness all around us and share the light and warmth of the season with trans kids all across this country.

The Winter Wonderland bundle includes:

Homecoming – Beverly Jenkins; Hither, Page – Cat Sebastian; Miss Claus – J. R. Hart; The Devil May Care – Meredith Spies; Handmade Holidays – ‘Nathan Burgoine; Working Title – Holley Trent; Glass Tidings – Amy Jo Cousins; Goldie & The Bears – Hannah Murray; The Mistletoe Trap – Eve Pendle; A Winter Wonderland – Rebecca Hunter; Accidentally In Love – Danica Flynn; Playing Rough – Jennifer Seasons; and Pattern for an Angel – CJane Elliott.

If you donate, your bundle download link will be emailed to you within 24 hours of donation.

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