The Best Queer Audiobooks to Walk Your Dog By…

Text reads "The best queer audiobooks to walk your dog by" with the logo beside. Beneath are the covers of "That Could Be Enough" (Alyssa Cole), "The Affair of the Porcelain Dog" (Jess Faraday), "Twice Shy" (Aurora Rey), "Xeni," (Rebekah Weatherspoon), and "Unbreakable" (Cari Hunter).

I’m over today at talking queer audiobooks, and five of my favourites in particular to listen to that made walking Max in all types of weather an experience to enjoy, rather than suffer through. And we’re talking Canadian winter here, so let’s be clear: it takes one hell of an audiobook… You can click here or the image to be taken to the site.

While you’re there? Check out the Queer shelf, and see some other amazing lists gathered by other authors sharing their favourites!

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