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‘Nathan Burgoine grew up a reader and studied literature in university while making a living as a bookseller. His first published short story was “Heart” in the collection Fool for Love: New Gay Fiction. Since then, he has had dozens of short stories published, including Bold Strokes titles Men of the Mean Streets, Boys of Summer, and Night Shadows as well asThis is How You Die (the second Machine of Death anthology). ‘Nathan also has a series of paranormal erotic short stories that begins in the Bold Strokes anthology Blood Sacraments, and continues with further installments in Wings, Erotica Exotica, and Raising Hell. His standalone short erotic fiction pieces can be found in the Lambda Literary Award finalist Tented, Tales from the Den, and Afternoon Pleasures. ‘Nathan’s nonfiction pieces have appeared in I Like it Like That and 5×5 Literary Magazine.

‘Nathan’s first novel, Light, was a finalist for a Lambda Literary Award. His second and third novels, Triad Blood and Triad Soulare available now from Bold Strokes Books. Both are available wherever quality LGBT fiction is found—always check Indiebound for your local brick and mortar, if you can. For novella lovers, ‘Nathan’s wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey gay romance In Memoriam is available on Kindle and Audible, and his gay holiday chosen family romance Handmade Holidays is available from NineStar Press.

A cat lover, ‘Nathan managed to fall in love and marry Daniel, who is a confirmed dog person. Their ongoing “cat or dog?” détente ended with the rescue of a six year old husky named Coach. They live in Ottawa, Canada, where socialized health care and gay marriage have yet to cause the sky to cave in.

Social Media

‘Nathan tweets on Twitter, and facebooks on Facebook.


Cover ‘Nathan appeared on the Writers on the Edge podcast, episode 114: the The Three Sentence Review where he discussed his series, shared the importance of chosen families, unveiled Canada as a setting, and shared the magic of the three sentence review.

If you’ve not listened to the WROTE Podcast, do check it out. They’re a great group, and tireless in their work to promote queer art and artists and all the intersections thereof.


Screenshot 2017-06-20 12.58.20 A monthly podcast hosted by Matthew Bright, featuring LGBTQ writers and poets, plus music, and regular segment ‘Duelling Dandies,’ ‘Nathan appeared on the third episode of An Earful of Queer.

Discussion ranged from romance tropes that can get him a little bit twitchy, a game of ‘Who’s Line is it Anyway?’ and a loving discussion of the sense of family brought about in the queer publishing world. Definitely stay for the awesome ‘Coming Out’ song by Must Be Tuesday.

Also, read the Bold Strokes Books Interview with ‘Nathan Burgoine, and make sure you sign up for their newsletter on the homepage—it’s the best way to find out about Bold Strokes Books titles, as well as daily deals, flash sales, and upcoming events.




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