Living the Life — @boldstrokebooks day two in Nottingham

Really, as Christian Baines pointed out, it was like a particularly stereotypical queer scene out of rom-com. We three queer fellows had left a room full of queer women talking the trade... To go shopping. Myself, Jeffrey Ricker, and Christian were standing in a Nottingham Marks & Spencer, and I was asking them to let … Continue reading Living the Life — @boldstrokebooks day two in Nottingham

Queer Spaces

The Bold Strokes Books retreat has begun, and the first morning has passed. I ended up trying a last-minute pitch at Pitchapalooza (where I was totally—and rightfully—the loser to Barbara Ann Wright's wizard with an exploding problem), absorbed some awesome knowledge from Cindy about POV, and then got caught up on the state of things … Continue reading Queer Spaces