Throwback Thursday – Try, Try Again

Back in 2006, when I first started writing with the actual goal of getting published, my first two attempts were accepted. I was over the freaking moon. The first story was accepted for a collection called Moonlight and Roses, and the second for a collection of paranormal themed gay fiction (the working title escapes me). Neither … Continue reading Throwback Thursday – Try, Try Again

Thowback Thursday(ish) – No Wrapping Required

This is a kinda-sorta Throwback Thursday post. I was online yesterday and a bunch of people were discussing reviews (specifically how reviews in some parts of the world were very spare—like how there are dozens of reviews on the "dot-com" version of e-tailers, but less on the "dot-ca" mirror site). The conversation moved to discussions … Continue reading Thowback Thursday(ish) – No Wrapping Required