You must write every day—my favourite BS notion.

Cait is right.

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I have been trying so hard to stay out of social media arguments these days, stopping myself from reading or writing comments. Mostly because I find it comes to nothing in the end and drains my spoons.

But then a thing happened this week I couldn’t ignore.

A quote appeared on my Twitter timeline from an account that purports to give writer advice:

Compel yourself to write several hours every day no matter how bad you feel.


Seriously. Several hours. Every day. No matter how bad you feel.

If you follow me, you know that I’m disabled because of fibromyalgia. Many days the pain in my hands is too acute for me to type. Sometimes the pain in the rest of my body becomes so intense, I can barely concentrate. Not to mention the debilitating fatigue that comes with sustaining all that constant pain. Sounds like the…

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Friday Flash Fics — Ready

Today's Friday Flash Fics reminded me of Cinder, the fire-powered superhero who pops up in "Lesser Evil," my gay supervillain story from The Lavender Menace. Given world events, I wondered how that might parallel with my alternate universe of metahumans. From there, the image made me think things weren't going well there, either, and I … Continue reading Friday Flash Fics — Ready

‘Nathan Burgoine’s First Short-Story Collection, reviewed by Jeff Baker.

A perfect thing to wake up to in the morning. Thank you, Jeff!


o-of-echoes-bornOf Echoes Born

Reviewed by Jeff Baker

“Of Echoes Born” is the first short story collection by ‘Nathan Burgoine. (Bold Strokes Books, 2018.) Maybe better known for his novels, Burgoine has been one of the best writers in the shorter form working in the field of LGBT science fiction and fantasy in recent years. Now he has put together twelve stories linked together by theme and character, including the very clever idea of the story introductions being told by his character Ian through his unwanted gift of visions which include colors indicating emotional states or even sickness.

The deeper reds, the richer reds, the ones reaching within and spreading out like wings? Those reds change the world. People march with those reds, they defend with those reds, and they fight tooth and nail with those reds.

The bulk of the stories feature characters that may be semi-autobiographical; young men on…

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Of Echoes Born – ‘Nathan Burgoine (Bold Strokes Books)

Well now, this is how you start a Monday off right…

Huge thank-you to Anthony R. Cardno and Out in Print: Queer Book Reviews.

Out in Print: Queer Book Reviews

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It’s no surprise given the title of ‘Nathan Burgoine’s new collection that the twelve stories herein are built on echoes. Colors, sounds, emotions, and characters reverberate both within each story and between them. Supporting characters from one story take center stage in another and get referred to in passing in a third. Readers familiar with Burgoine’s other works will see echoes of those in here as well. The theme is present even in the collection’s structure: half of the stories presented are reprints – echoes of the anthologies they originally appeared in – given new light by the way they’re now presented in conjunction with the six stories that are brand-new.

Many of the stories, but not all, have a romantic element, something Burgoine is well-known for. Like his other work, the romance is sometimes meet-cute, sometimes awkward, and occasionally steamy. Sometimes it’s unrequited or…

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In Thanks by ‘Nathan Burgoine

Giving thanks today over on the BSB UK blog…

Bold Strokes Books, UK

There’s a running joke among my author friends about how I never have a title. I’ve written novels before coming up with a title (I’ve even written a novel without naming a main character until the end). Titles (and names) are two things that always evade me the longest. My editors often end up titling things I’ve written, especially when they see what I eventually come up with. The gentle “Perhaps this title needs some work…” comments in edits from my first days as an author have given way to me leaving preemptive notes in submitted drafts saying “I’m aware this is a terrible title. Any ideas?”

Even putting a title on a blog post usually leaves me staring at the cursor, watching it blink.

This time? No different.

The ninth annual Bold Strokes Books bookfair in Nottingham was an absolute delight. Being surrounded by queer authors and queer readers…

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F/F and Romancelandia

Ever wonder why I read so many ladies-loving-ladies books? Well, honestly, it’s because they’re really good. But it’s also this: because making noise is something I want to do, to try and fight some of the imbalance this blog puts forth so clearly.

Last year in June, I made a post titled Does YA Hate f/f romance. That got a lot more attention that I could’ve ever hoped for and I’m so thankful for that. Since then, I’ve gotten much more into romance and honestly? I need to address how this is also a problem in Romancelandia.

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