Free Reads & Easter Eggs

book-2572013_640Free Short Stories

The Psychometry of Snow” — This story appears in Bears of Winter, and was featured on the Lethe Press blog. It’s also available there for free in audio for those who prefer to listen to a tale.

Queer Holiday Retellings

Every year, I do a retelling of a holiday story, through a queer speculative fiction lens. It began with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and has carried on since then.

NYCMidnight Flash Fiction Pieces

I’ve taken part in the NYCMidnight Flash Fiction contest a couple of times, where participating authors are assigned a genre, a location, and an object, and tasked with creating a story with no more than 1,000 words. Here were the results.

  • Filling Silences” — Detective Bao Nguyen knows to let a suspect fill the silence, but when Kenny Warnock walks into the station to confess to the murder of a young gay man Bao and his former partner were working on, it seems too easy. Warnock is obviously afraid, but the more Bao talks to him, the more he thinks it’s not someone making the man confess; it’s something.
  • Rock, Paper, Bullets” — What starts as a boring evening shift in the retail business services shop where Raj works turns into a run for his life when the new man in town turns out to be more than just a polite, handsome newcomer. Taking refuge in an ice fishing shanty after outrunning most of the bullets of the man after them, Raj realizes there’s one bullet left, and needs to come up with some way to make sure it doesn’t end up in him.
  • Pine Puppet & Candlewick” — As is so often the case, fairy tales get told the way the teller wants them told, not necessarily how they were. Candlewick, who knew a certain real boy, tells his tale of the village carver, a puppet who danced, a lady in blue, a train and a ticket to a magical land, and how a cricket’s voice changed everything for everyone.
  • End of a Thread” — When his last mortal friend dies in a pasture, Ganymede finds the scissors of Atropos and realizes he is witness to a murder. The motive seems clear: there is one goddess with very good reason to punish him for stealing her husband’s attention, but how can a mere immortal cupbearer find justice among the gods themselves?

Easter Eggs

I’ll often revisit characters from previous novels, novellas, or stories in flash fiction pieces, often as a result of photo prompts from some online flash fiction groups I belong to. So, if you’ve read one of my pieces and want to revisit, or maybe check in with how the characters are doing? Now’s your chance. These links will update automatically as new pieces are written; they link to the tags on the individual blog posts. Be forewarned: here there be spoilers! My Easter Eggs assume you’ve read the book in question.

  • Light easter eggs (most likely leading to some time with Kieran and/or his big burly fella).
  • Triad Blood easter eggs (usually featuring Curtis, Anders, and/or Luc, but sometimes secondary characters like Ethan or Tyson, for example; this link includes only things that happen after Triad Blood but before Triad Soul).
  • Triad Soul easter eggs (like Triad Blood above, but including newer characters like Matthew and Jace, or Taryne, for example; this link includes only things that happen after both Triad Blood and Triad Soul).
  • Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks easter eggs (involving Cole, Malik, or his Rainbow Club pals).
  • Handmade Holiday easter eggs (involving any of the gang from Handmade Holidays, including “skipped years” from the novella itself).
  • Ian Simon easter eggs (involving Ian Simon’s friends and loved ones, who appears in two novelettes in Of Echoes Born and “Heart,” among other appearances).
  • Village story easter eggs (I have a series of novellas in the pipeline that involve a fictional, and slightly magical, version of the gay village here in Ottawa, and these characters will appear in those tales; there’s also quite a bit of crossover with some of the short stories in Of Echoes Born, “Range of Motion,” from Men in Love, and “A Little Village Magic,” which will (someday) be expanded into the first novella).
  • Fuca story easter eggs (Stories involving the town of Fuca, where the magic is a little elemental and some of the families have gifts. Fuca appears in both “Time & Tide” and “Wind & Tree.”)
  • “Bound” easter eggs (involving Matt and Jace specifically; there’s some crossover with the Triad books here, so if you only want to see the Triad easter eggs that happen between Triad Blood and Triad Soul, for example, click the Triad Blood easter eggs, not this link).
  • “Lesser Evil” easter eggs (involving Psilence and Aleph, who continue to wreak havoc on the world).
  • “Psychometry of Snow” easter eggs (involving the psychometrist Luke, and maybe his lovely bear fellow Rick).
  • “Struck” easter eggs (involving either Lightning Todd, or Chris and Liam).
  • “Last Call” easter eggs (involving Mark Ward or his boyfriend Connor).
  • “Keeping the Faith” easter eggs (involving the unnamed detective).
  • “Hometown Boy” easter eggs (involving Reuben or Matt).