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Cover ‘Nathan appeared on the Writers on the Edge podcast, episode 114: the The Three Sentence Review  and episode 192: the Queerlings, where he discussed his series, shared the importance of chosen families, unveiled Canada as a setting, shared the magic of the three sentence review, writing YA for the first (terrifying) time and what it’s like to write short story collections.

If you’ve not listened to the WROTE Podcast, do check it out. They’re a great group, and tireless in their work to promote queer art and artists and all the intersections thereof.

Screenshot 2017-06-20 12.58.20 A monthly podcast hosted by Matthew Bright, featuring LGBTQ writers and poets, plus music, and regular segment ‘Duelling Dandies,’ ‘Nathan appeared on the third episode of An Earful of Queer.

Discussion ranged from romance tropes that can get him a little bit twitchy, a game of ‘Who’s Line is it Anyway?’ and a loving discussion of the sense of family brought about in the queer publishing world. Definitely stay for the awesome ‘Coming Out’ song by Must Be Tuesday.

Screenshot 2019-08-30 10.08.31‘Nathan also appears on Episode 25 of the World of Stories Podcast, a biweekly podcast about diverse stories the world over, hosted by Hudson Lin and Margrit Talpalaru.

Discussion focused on diversity in speculative fiction and romance, as well as bridging the generational gap between queer youth and older queer adults, a healthy dose of shorter format love and the differences between short(er) fictions and novels, and what it’s like to shift between genres as a queer writer.

RomBkPod‘Nathan also appeared on RomBkPod, during their bonus Pride month episodes on June 3rd, 2020. This inclusivity focused podcast discusses romance, and was inspired by the #RomBkLove hashtag.

Sarah Jean and ‘Nathan discuss all manner of their favourite queer (and queer-inclusive) romance (and other genre) books, as well as working in the book industry, what Pride means to them, and general geeking out about lesbian capybara pirates and their trans boy chinchilla cabin boys. It was a lot of fun, even though it was recorded in the first May of Covid-19 quarantine.

Recorded Panels:

Renaissance Press Virtual Conference 2020:

“Bury Your Tropes.” What are some harmful tropes, and why do they cause harm? Our panelists will call out harmful tropes and offer a different story path. With Jennifer Lee Rossman, ‘Nathan Burgoine, Nicole Zelniker, Shannon Barnsley, and Raquel Fletcher. Available at

Bold Strokes Books Bookathon 2020:

“The Kids Are Alright.” Join Bold Strokes Books authors for a panel discussion on YA and new adult fiction. What are the trends, tropes and trajectories in this ever expanding genre. Moderator: Ashley Bartlett; Panelists: ‘Nathan Burgoine , J. Marshall Freeman, Nan Higgins, Stevie Mikayne. Available at

“Crossing Borders: Writing Across Culture and Difference.” Moderator: Eden Darry;
Panelists: Gun Brooke, Nathan Burgoine, Cari Hunter, Justine Saracen, David Swatling. Available at

“Author Readings.” With authors Rebecca S. Buck, Nathan Burgoine, Radclyffe, Robyn Nyx, and Brey Willows. Available at

“Our Favorite Characters and What We Love About Them.” Moderator: Gun Brooke; With Panelists: Julie Cannon, Crin Claxton, M.A. Binfield, ‘Nathan Burgoine, and D. Jackson Leigh. Available at

Romancing the Capital 2020 Online:

“Geeks and Nerds,” with Milly Taiden, TB Mann, ‘Nathan Burgoine, J. Thompson, Godiva Glenn, Celine Chatillon and moderator Jenn Burke is available at

“Christmas Romance,” with Melissa Keir, ‘Nathan Burgoine, Elle Rush, and Hildie McQueen is available at

“LGBTQIA+ Representation in Romance,” with ‘Nathan Burgoine, Sheri Lyn, Kristine Cayne, Adriana Herrera, J. Leigh Bailey, Kelly Jensen, GB Gordon, and Keira Andrews (moderated by Jenn Burke) is available at