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Of Echoes Born

Outside a hospital in Ottawa, a heartbeat returns long enough for a good-bye. Downtown, a man steps into shadows of the past to help those who have died find their way free from their memories. In Niagara, an icewine vintage is flavored with the truth of what happened on a dark evening of betrayal. In British Columbia, the snow itself can speak to someone who knows how to listen. 

The past echoes through these queer tales—sometimes soft enough to grant a second chance at love, and other times loud enough to damn a killer—never without leaving those who’ve heard it unchanged. 

Of Echoes Born is the first short story collection from Lambda Literary Award finalist ’Nathan Burgoine.

Available now in e-book and print from Bold Strokes Books, and from your e-tailer and retailer of choice. Check Indiebound for a local brick and mortar near you, or try or Books2Read for your options. Edited by Jerry L. Wheeler, and cover art by Inkspiral Design.

Content Warnings: Cheating, Child Abuse (off-page), Death, Dementia (main character POV), Gay Bashing (off-page), Homophobia, Infertility, Miscarriage, Murder, Parental disowning of queer child, Sexual Assault (off-page).

Short Fiction Publications

Note: the six short stories listed in bold are included in my first collection Of Echoes Born (above), from Bold Strokes Books, alongside six new, previously unpublished stories.

Short Fiction

Short Fiction Series

The Triad Stories 

  1. “Three,” in the Bold Strokes Books anthology Blood Sacraments, also available as an e-short here.
  2. “Intercession,” in the Bold Strokes Books anthology Wings: Subversive Gay Angel Erotica.
  3. “Possession,” in the Bold Strokes Books anthology Erotica Exotica: Tales of Tales of Sex, Magic.
  4. “Necessary Evils,” in the Bold Strokes Books anthology Raising Hell: Demonic Gay Erotica.
  5. “Bound,” in the Beautiful Dreamer Press anthology Not Just Another Pretty Face. (Note: this story is set in the same universe as the other Triad stories, but doesn’t involve Luc, Anders, or Curtis. The characters in this story make their first appearance in Triad Blood, however.)

The Fuca Stories

  1. “Wind and Tree,” in the Bear Bones Books anthology Tales from the Den.
  2. Time and Tide,” in the Lethe Press anthology The Touch of the Sea.


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