Holiday Reading (and Re-Reading), Part Three

Before I forget, a gentle reminder that my interview on WROTE Podcast is still up, so if you're wondering about what it was like to write Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks, a queer YA, given I'm mumble-mumble years old, or how I tried to tackle the "But I don't like short stories!" crowd with my … Continue reading Holiday Reading (and Re-Reading), Part Three


Sunday Shorts — “Shoots and Ladders” by Charles Payseur

Something a bit different today for Sunday Shorts, in that I'm here to chat about a story I found online, Charles Payseur's "Shoots and Ladders." Click the title right there to go read it. I'll wait right here. Now, I bumped into Charles Payseur via twitter (he's at @ClowderofTwo) and he's a force for good … Continue reading Sunday Shorts — “Shoots and Ladders” by Charles Payseur