The People in the Neighbourhood

Now that Of Echoes Born has been out a while—and I recently finished page proofs for Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks—I've been working on "Faux-Ho-Ho." "Faux-Ho-Ho" is a gay romance holiday novella with a "fake relationship" trope at the core, and it begins (and ends) in my fictional version of Ottawa's queer village (or, as … Continue reading The People in the Neighbourhood


#PrideMonth — Readers

I wasn't sure what I was going to talk about today for Pride Month. Some pretty awful stuff happened the other day, but I also finished the final proofs on Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks today, and I have a post bubbling in my head about the cast of characters in the fictional Rainbow Club … Continue reading #PrideMonth — Readers

Queer Spaces

The Bold Strokes Books retreat has begun, and the first morning has passed. I ended up trying a last-minute pitch at Pitchapalooza (where I was totally—and rightfully—the loser to Barbara Ann Wright's wizard with an exploding problem), absorbed some awesome knowledge from Cindy about POV, and then got caught up on the state of things … Continue reading Queer Spaces


Yesterday I shared the awesome cover for my YA novel, Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks (which is listed on Indiebound for pre-order!). I shared the blurb, described the book, chatted about it on Twitter and Facebook, and... And got nervous. Like, super nervous. It took me a day to figure out what was bothering me, … Continue reading Nervous