Monday Flash Fics — First Moot

When I saw the latest picture from Monday Flash Fics, it made me think of Dale, one of the wizards from the "Craft Night" group that pops up in Triad Blood and Triad Soul. In Triad Blood, you don't learn a lot about these wizards, but more of their purpose becomes clear in Triad Soul. … Continue reading Monday Flash Fics — First Moot


Friday Flash Fics – Nice Kitty

So for this week's Friday Flash Fics picture, our fearless leader Elizabeth Lister chose the image from that awesome meme making the rounds. It's a joke, of course, that the man posted about finding a lost cat and washing it after feeding it three cans of tuna, but as Elizabeth noted, there's a handsome wrist … Continue reading Friday Flash Fics – Nice Kitty