June Flash Fiction Draw Roundup

We're half-way through the year, which means a sixth collection of stories! As always, because this is so much more fun with friends: a hearty thank you to everyone who took part. I can't believe we're at the half-way point. So, what am I talking about? Well, the Flash Fiction Draw is basically a randomized card-draw … Continue reading June Flash Fiction Draw Roundup


Crow, Rook, Raven — A Flash Fiction Draw Challenge

Here’s my entry for the first Flash Fiction Draw Challenge (the post for the original June draw is here). In case you didn’t know about this challenge, there’s a video here explaining (and showing the sixth draw), but the quick version: I used a deck of cards (three suits) to randomly put together a genre (in this case: … Continue reading Crow, Rook, Raven — A Flash Fiction Draw Challenge