Friday Flash Fics — “Kissing Frogs”

Today's Friday Flash Fics sort of hung around in my head for the week without doing much, and then a discussion earlier today reminded me how important it was to remember queer friendships in fiction, and I ended up wondering what Grayson would be up to these days, and "Kissing Frogs" happened. The sharp-eyed may … Continue reading Friday Flash Fics — “Kissing Frogs”


Friday Flash Fics—No Chimney Required

Today's Friday Flash Fics photo is totally a cheat. Whenever I do little promo graphic images for Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks for things like one-line-Wednesday, I use a particular picture from Pixabay that I like as somewhat Cole-ish (or, in my head, what Cole will look like when he's a bit older). I chose … Continue reading Friday Flash Fics—No Chimney Required