Friday Flash Fics — Ready

Today's Friday Flash Fics reminded me of Cinder, the fire-powered superhero who pops up in "Lesser Evil," my gay supervillain story from The Lavender Menace. Given world events, I wondered how that might parallel with my alternate universe of metahumans. From there, the image made me think things weren't going well there, either, and I … Continue reading Friday Flash Fics — Ready


Friday Flash Fics — Terrible Waste

Today's Friday Flash Fic prompt had me blinking for a bit, but then I remembered my story "Lesser Evil" from The Lavender Menace: Tales of Queer Villainy, and decided to go the super villain route. Tristan Edwards, known as Psilence, was a joy to write: a telepath who cam make people think and do whatever … Continue reading Friday Flash Fics — Terrible Waste