Monday Flash Fics – Well Lit

The image for this week's Monday Flash Fics prompt is... well. It's this. Which is so over-the-top hilarious to me it made me think of Lightning Todd from my short story, "Struck," and how over-the-top he was. So, I decided to have some poor soul on vacation bump into a vacationing Todd, and here's the … Continue reading Monday Flash Fics – Well Lit


Friday Flash Fics – No Grand Gestures

Today's Friday Flash Fics image had me immediately thinking of a character I left at a moment of happiness, Chris, who'd had a run of odd luck and an encounter with a self-professed psychic, Lightning Todd (no, really), who said he could help people find their bliss ever since he'd been struck by lightning. Chris … Continue reading Friday Flash Fics – No Grand Gestures