Friday Flash Fics — “Kissing Frogs”

Today's Friday Flash Fics sort of hung around in my head for the week without doing much, and then a discussion earlier today reminded me how important it was to remember queer friendships in fiction, and I ended up wondering what Grayson would be up to these days, and "Kissing Frogs" happened. The sharp-eyed may … Continue reading Friday Flash Fics — “Kissing Frogs”


Friday Flash Fics — Inspired

I missed last week thanks to an inner ear infection, but this week's Friday Flash Fics inspiration solidly landed me back with Michel and Clive from "Pentimento" (which appears in Of Echoes Born, and who we've already visited once in a previous Friday Flash Fic piece, "Morning After, After Mourning" (which this piece follows a … Continue reading Friday Flash Fics — Inspired