#ShortStoryMonth Day Twenty-Five — Audio Short Fiction

What Do You Hear In These Sounds? I love audiobooks, which will surprise no one who follows my blog, but it bears repeating. If I spend too much time focusing on something near me (especially back-lit somethings) I get headaches and migraines, so especially when I'm working on a writing project, it can be audiobooks … Continue reading #ShortStoryMonth Day Twenty-Five — Audio Short Fiction

#ShortStoryMonth Day One — Jack London’s “To Build a Fire” (and my “Heart.”)

Short Story Month It's May, and May is Short Story Month, and I threw together a quick month's worth of prompts to discuss short fiction all month because—as is likely well-known to those of you here—I freaking love short stories. If you want to play along, by all means please do! On Twitter, I'm gonna … Continue reading #ShortStoryMonth Day One — Jack London’s “To Build a Fire” (and my “Heart.”)


The dedication for Of Echoes Born is to all the editors I've ever worked with, especially in short fiction, and two people in specific: Becky Cochrane and Timothy J. Lambert. They're wonderful authors (and also one-half of a wonderful quartet of authors who write under the pseudonym Timothy James Beck), and they gave me my … Continue reading Ian