Canadian Christmas Romances, Final Day!

Hey again! It's December 8th, so we're hitting the end of the Canadian Christmas Romances Under $5 e-book promotion. If you missed my earlier noise, this promotion—which includes—"Handmade Holidays"—is dropping all sorts of awesome Canuck authors with their titles for you, all under $5, and all in once place for ease of browsing. So, go … Continue reading Canadian Christmas Romances, Final Day!

Jingle Socks, Ornaments, and “Handmade Holidays”

Jingle all the way! Many years ago, I owned a pair of super-tacky socks with a pattern of bells on them. Called "the Jingle Socks," every year I'd pop them on, call it "donning my gay apparel" and then decorate my Christmas Tree. Alas, they died a few years ago—my husband would say something different … Continue reading Jingle Socks, Ornaments, and “Handmade Holidays”

Handmade Holidays, now available in Audiobook

As always, brilliant cover design from the incredible Inkspiral Design. It's hopefully no surprise to anyone who pops by here how much I adore audiobooks. I listened to books heading to and from work, and I still listen to books while I walk the doggo. Beyond the convenience, the accessibility of audiobooks is important to … Continue reading Handmade Holidays, now available in Audiobook