Happy December! Today was the day my husband and I (and Max) put up the Christmas tree and decorated it. Now, if you've read Handmade Holidays, it's likely this blog post will not surprise you, but there's a story behind our tree. Well, not the tree itself, though there's a story behind that, too. Many … Continue reading Ornamental


The People in the Neighbourhood

Now that Of Echoes Born has been out a while—and I recently finished page proofs for Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks—I've been working on "Faux-Ho-Ho." "Faux-Ho-Ho" is a gay romance holiday novella with a "fake relationship" trope at the core, and it begins (and ends) in my fictional version of Ottawa's queer village (or, as … Continue reading The People in the Neighbourhood


The dedication for Of Echoes Born is to all the editors I've ever worked with, especially in short fiction, and two people in specific: Becky Cochrane and Timothy J. Lambert. They're wonderful authors (and also one-half of a wonderful quartet of authors who write under the pseudonym Timothy James Beck), and they gave me my … Continue reading Ian