Catch-up Sale at @BoldStrokeBooks

Hey! Bold Strokes Books is doing a catch-up sale on the backlists of all the authors who have new releases this month, and hey, how about that, my new release is this month! That's right! Since Of Echoes Born is out now, all this weekend, until June 10th, 11:59 EDT, Light, Three, Triad Blood, and … Continue reading Catch-up Sale at @BoldStrokeBooks



The dedication for Of Echoes Born is to all the editors I've ever worked with, especially in short fiction, and two people in specific: Becky Cochrane and Timothy J. Lambert. They're wonderful authors (and also one-half of a wonderful quartet of authors who write under the pseudonym Timothy James Beck), and they gave me my … Continue reading Ian


Yesterday I shared the awesome cover for my YA novel, Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks (which is listed on Indiebound for pre-order!). I shared the blurb, described the book, chatted about it on Twitter and Facebook, and... And got nervous. Like, super nervous. It took me a day to figure out what was bothering me, … Continue reading Nervous

Monday Flash Fic – Motivation is Everything

I'm coming in just at the last minute today, but the flash fiction group, Monday Flash Fics had a picture I couldn't resist that reminded me of my heroes from Light. This one definitely, however, invokes a spoiler warning. If you haven't read Light, you'll want to skip, but since Light came out four years ago now, … Continue reading Monday Flash Fic – Motivation is Everything